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Blues Point Apartment

Minimalistic elements highlight the contemporary tones of greys, beiges, and shades of white, with sleek, thoughtful hidden details emphasising an edited aesthetic.

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Interior design of a luxury two-storey apartment


14 Blues Point Road, McMahon's Point, NSW 2060



Project Brief

  • Comprehensive presentation of an interior design for clients Laura Sampedro & Carlos Alija

  • Full range of ideas and concepts for the client’s single-story apartment

  • Unified interior design that represents specific design style, philosophy, and ideas that inspire and excite the client through high-quality perspective renders

Software Used

  • Revit

  • Enscape

  • Photoshop

The Blues Point apartment located in McMahon's Point was designed with luxury in mind.

With views to the expansive easterly views of the Sydney Harbour and city skyline, the open-plan design enables a range of vision of this outlook from all areas of the apartment.

The overall space is a homage to contemporary design, with its simplicity, subtle sophistication, and deliverate use of texture and clean lines.

The colour palette is strong yet neutral, emphasising tones of greys, beiges and shades of white, with distinctive pops of chocolate injected throughout, connecting all areas together.

On the lower level, a stone fireplace takes centre stage in the generous living area, flowing through to a modern and streamlined kitchen, before approaching the master bedroom with its own luxurious ensuite and walk-in wardrobe, all with views to the harbour.

The sleek white staircase connects the upper level which encompasses a second spacious lounge area, alongside a hidden wine and bar station which overlooks a sizeable study area and a second bedroom and ensuite.

Site Location


Fig 01 – Blues Point Tower


Laura Sampedro & Carlos Alija

  • Married

  • No children

  • Creative Directors

  • As a couple they have accumulated an impressive array of awards and accolades for their work work as creative 

“We like white coats. We like being ready to let experiments and chaos spill all over us. In a white coat you can find a cure for a business problem or prescribe a pill to a brand. You can also design a space rocket to take them to the Moon or even wear it to bake them a cake with a cherry on top. There is a time for surgical precision and a time for butchery. We can use scalpels, knives and also some flour and a whisk. Above all, we believe that if you want to come up with some damn good work, you must be ready to get some stains!”

- Laura Sampedro

Carlos & Laura - clients.JPG

Fig 02 - Carlos Alija & Laura Sampedro

Building Structure

The building structure will be an 80-story tower with a circular footprint, with each floor having spectacular and expansive views of the Sydney Harbour and city skyline.
There will be a combination of one and two-story luxury apartments available across all 80 levels.


Building Layout

Lower Level Floor Plan

Upper Level Floor Plan

Living Area Inspiration

Kitchen/Dining Inspiration