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Wellness Gardens_Internal_LoungeArea1.png

Maggie Beer's Wellness Gardens Cafe & Bar

With a mix of rustic, contemporary, and chic, this interior space is centered on developing a close relationship between people and nature.

Project Brief

Cafe proposal and development


50 Pheasant Farm Rd, Nuriootpa SA 5355



Client Requirements

  • Spatial diagrams including circulation, zoning of functions, accessibility, connectivity, multi-purpose usage

  • Sketch designs including joinery, furniture, fenestrations 

  • Key Perspectives include visualisation of the brand and how the logo and signage are incorporated within the environment

  • Conceptual palette including materiality, colour, texture, and decorative elements

  • Key progressive ways of uses and interactions within social/public spaces in response to emergency situations, such as climate disasters, pandemics, and economic crises

Software Used

  • Revit

  • Enscape

  • Photoshop

Maggie Beer has been creating her simple yet incredible farm-to-table cuisine for the past few decades and has always been an advocate for fresh, organic, wholesome food.

In conjunction with Maggie's Wellbeing Gardens Program which she started back in 2015, Maggie Beer's Wellness Gardens Cafe & Bar was designed where she can utilise the fresh produce grown on her farm as well as her range of products to create appetising dishes and educate people on the benefits of cooking with ingredients straight from the garden.

These design elements reflect the colours that exist in nature along with an abundance of natural light flowing into the interior space.

The use of plants and natural organic materials was the key to creating an ambiance that is refreshing, eco-friendly, and exudes a sense of wellness and a feeling of connectivity with a blending of the interior and exterior spaces.

Site Map 

Floor Plan

Spatial Plan


Mood Board

Stock Images

Materiality Palette

Fig 01 – Acoustic ceiling panels

Fig 02 - Shiplap

Fig 03 – Internal exposed brick wall

Fig 04 – Reclaimed Tasmanian Oak Wood

Fig 05 – Commercial Tweed Fabric

Fig 06 – Country Oak Vinyl Flooring

Decorative Elements

Figure 07 - Rustic Farmhouse Decor

Figure 08 -Rustic Farmhouse Decor

Figure 10 - Milos Restaurant

Figure 09 -Soul Restaurant

Figure 11 - Wrought Iron

Colour Palette